"The Twin Joker"

The Twin Joker was made in 1972. Bally only manufactored 1000 so the game is very rare. I found this one mixed in with 50 bingos that I bought in south Georgia. The playfield has 25 holes. Each hole is labeled as a poker card (see playfield and backglass pictures). Some people say this was a game that was intended to be parted out to furnish bingo parts to states where shipping bingo parts were illegal. After inspecting the inside of the Twin Joker, I disagree. The ball lift and the trip bank motor could be used in a bingo. Other than that you could salvage switches, the coin mechanism and very little else. The game has no stepping discs, reflex units, mixers, replay register, or control unit, making it almost totally useless as a parts game. I am sure that Bally intended this as a gambling game for two people. You throw 5 bucks each on the playfield glass and shoot your five balls. The guy with the best poker hand wins the pot. Ante up again and shoot them balls again. Meanwhile the operator is getting a quarter for every game played. This game showed 54,000 coins in on the meter and looks almost new. The game had a problem that looked as if someone had tried hard to solve but failed to make a repair. 54,000 quarters equals lots of dollars. WOW!!! Think about a million quarters. I have repaired several bingos that were approaching a million coins in. No wonder those operators drove Cadilacs.

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