"The Tahiti"

The Tahiti was made in 1979 and is a very fast paced game.
Mystic lines, scores double, any four stars score 100, any
four stars score 25, left and right ball returns, select before
fourth ball, before 5th ball, and after 5th ball. AND the
famous 40 coin maxium per game limit. The 40 coin limit
made competition easy between two or more players. Each
player would coin up 40 and then the player who scored the highest won the pot. Fair and square each player had an equal chance.

I found twelve of these beauties covered in plastic in the back of a warehouse. The operator told me he bought them and they stayed on route less than three months. The laws changed and he had to pull them off route. He covered them in plastic because they were so new and put them in his warehouse where they stayed until i found them.

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