"Silver Sails "

The Silver sails made in 1962 is the follow on game to the Golden Gate. The Silver Sails and the Golden Gate were the only two "gate" games. The gate feature allowed you to move the magic screen to a purple section past the orange or "OK" section. Three balls scored in the purple section gave you a "GOLDEN GAME". Then either two balls in the gold striped sections when lit or three balls in a regular gold sections payed the indicated amount. The Silver Sails had all the other great features offered by Bally during the era, and only the Bounty made in 1963 offered more features. The "GOLDEN GAME", three in blue for 300, three in blue for 600, and two in blue for 600. WOW!! Before 4th ball, yellow roll over, red roll over, before 5th ball, and after 5th ball. Red super section, yellow super section, magic screens through "G" and, of course, the famous OK game, advancing odds, and extra balls. What more can you ask?

The Silver Sails below has been restored by oldbinger for Doug in South Carolina

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