"Bingo News"

The intent of this page will be to pass information along on activities that may interest maybe some/a few/or all members. Examples: Any news about what is currently happening within the bingo world as I know it, either with games or the people involved. Travel plans, routes, and dates of members traveling so that members needing assistance will know when another member who might help is traveling near. And maybe just to let me ramble on about what's going on. Send emails or call me about what you are doing and i will post the "NEWS".



Jeffery and I had a great visit today. We repaired a Dixieland with a weird problem. Enjoyed taking calls and telling those tall tales. Thanks to all who called.


Jeffrey Lawton plans to visit with me for a full day on 8/16. If he is willing (I'll let everyone know) we will have a call in day. He is willing. We plan to be in the shop all day and we would like to talk to as many of you as possible. I'll set up the phones on speaker and I think it will be fun. If you don't know my phone number email me and I'll email it to you. Everyone pass the word!


Just to let everyone know, my right eye is slowly improving. I have been very active in repairing/shopping games. I have shopped a Malibu Beach, County Fair and presently working on a Circus Queen. I have shopped out my HiFi and it is time to make her pretty. I plan on refinishing the wood work and leave the art work as is. It will be the only game in my collection with wooden legs.

If anyone wants repair/shopping , please contact me. I plan on doing shop work until the weather cools. I still have parts for sale.


Guys, I know It's been a while since I have been active on the web as well as doing very much bingo work.

In the last two years I have had five eye surgeries. Recovery was at least a year. Now with several different pairs of glasses I am active again. Constantly changing glasses is a pain, but I can now get back to work. I must say depression almost got me also. I know a lot of people gave up on me, but I have lots of work so I'm staying busy. I mostly just do work in my shop unless I can hire someone to drive me and pull the trailer. It's good to be back at work.



Bingo addicts, I am excited! I have in my shop a game that is 50 yeards old and the internal parts look as if they were made and assembled, not yesterday, but TODAY. The game suffered external damage from being out of the box, but it was never assembled. I have had the thrill of assembling it for the first time. I have had the thrill of playing it for the first time. I will be posting pictures of the inside first. Then pictures of the outside as I restore this "go back in time" game. I still cannot belive this wonderful find. Kudos to John in South Carolina!! Your gonna have to best Golden Gate in the world.


The "new" Golden Gate will be here in my shop Thursday the 28th. Stand by for pictures and updates. Thanks for the comments Doug.


Well seems as if the rumors are true!! The buyer called me and will bring the game in to my shop the last of July or the first of August. He says the cabinet has not fared well, but the inside is "New". I'll be posting pictures and as much history on the game as possible.


There are rumors about a Golden Gate found in South Carolina that was out of the box, but never assembled. Rumors says 19 coins in and 119 replays on the meters. Anyone know about this??


Well it's been a few weeks and a lot of things are shaping up.

First, The BingoBeast and his wife Dini have firmed up their trip to visit on September 15th. They will be here for three weeks. I look forward to seeing them. Maybe some of you can call while he is here. The BingoBeast visited for a week with us last year and I learned a lot from him. He is the "Man" in The Neatherlands. He also knows all the Bingo People over on that side of the big pond.

I talked to Doc Morrow this week and he has bought what he calls, a handful of oldbingers, and will be getting them ready to sell on ebay in the coming weeks. I think most of them are OK games, so keep an eye out.

I have not heard from Phil B. So I do not know how his Lido project is going. I'll give him a call this week and find out what he is doing.

Tom, up in Knoxville, has finished painting the cabinet on his Bikini (his first) and it looks better than my first, so kudus to him.

The Duke of OK (Baton Rouge) has the cabinet and head repainted on the Touchdown that belongs to his wife Andrea. I have to tell you, it's as good as it gets!!!! As soon as it's finished, I'll post pictures on the site. You just got to see this one!. It is original down to the splatter paint. The Duke has become an expert on cabinet repair and repainting. With a degree in Art from LSU, what else would you expect.

The Eye Doc 007, in Va. is like a bulldog and is constantly working on his games. His Bikini is really shaping up. The Circus Queen will be top notch in a few days and he is talking about and working on the Gate. Who knows what is next. I think he has the BINGO bug. Hope he has an understanding wife.

The Oldbinger is finishing the shopping and making pretty a Malibu for a friend who lives in Woodstock (yes, Georgia has a Woodstock) Next i'll be working a Bonus 7 for a friend in New Orleans. When it is finished I will begin a trip from here to Oceans Springs, MS. to repair a Tahiti. The next stop will be Long Beach, MS to visit the MagicMan and play his Circus Queen and maybe a day or two of Gulf fishing. Then I plan to hit New Orleans for a day and then on up to Baton Rouge for a few days with the Duke. I'll be playing his Bounty (eat your hearts out) while there. After that up to Grenada, MS to see DXGMS and pick up a Can Can that he has been holding for me for many months. Thank you DXGMS! The Can Can will go in my collection. Next will be Memphis, TN. I have several games there to repair. Then on up to Arkansas to see Doc Morrow. Then back through Memphis, Nashville, Smokey Town, and HOME. If you live along the route and interested in meeting me, let me know soon.

I will be adding a "Jim's Corner" section to the web site in the next few weeks. Jim Hanson has kindly consented to write regular articles on oldbingers and his experiences with them through the years. I asked Jim to recommend some of the games from the 50's to add to my collection. I was so impressed with his detailed explanation of how each game worked and played that I feel compelled to share his writings with all. Look for "Jim's Corner" soon. Thank you Jim.

Thanks to Philip in Australia for his recent membership. And congrads on the Hawaii.

Share your "NEWS" with me and i'll post it, and forgive me if i've left anyone out. Sometime i get "Bingo Tunnel Vision". Just email me and i'll get it posted.

All for now, more later. "O", one last thought. Working on oldbingers sure makes for sore fingers!!!






I have been busy at night changing and adding to the web site. Please email your comments, good or bad, and suggestions.

The Duke of OK is working on restoring a Touchdown down in Baton Rouge. The cabinet has under gone extensive repair. The head and cabinet have been sanded down to bare wood and primed. he hopes to start laying on colors this weekend. He is also in need of a control rail. if anyone has one let me know.

Phil B is still working on his Lido over in Denver. Hopefully it will be up and running this weekend.

Eye Doc 007 has just about got his Bikini 100%. He still has a problem with the pick and play features. He will start on his circus queen next.

The Oldbinger is trouble shooting the restored Circus Queen. She still has one problem. The red sections just keep on paying and paying when they are not supposed too. She was perfect when restorations were started. All the sanding and beating and banging has to have it's effect.

Rumor has it that Phil B may be the Atlanta area in August. I sure hope to meet him.

Jim Hanson, Rapid City, has been given the status of contributor on the oldbinger forum and is busy looking through the forum waiting for someone to post a question so he can spring into action and post the answer. His knowledge and help is greatly appreciated.

That's all for a few days.