This Malibu was found in a dark, dry warehouse pushed into a back corner. I could not believe it when i opened the front door and looked at the meters.When i opened the back door my excitement increased as I realized that I was looking at a practically "NEW" Malibu. It was not in the box, but probably fared as well as a game still in the box as it shows no sign of corrosion. The cabinet is as perfect as if it was just painted. The legs and front door show minor road rash. After geting it home and trying to start it up I realized why it had never seen the route. As you all know, the Malibu was the last bingo Bally made. I think this was one of the last Malibus made. The bingo line was being shut down so the employees just threw her together and made lots of mistakes. After three days work I had her playing 100%. There were numerous assembly and wiring errors and I think the bingo tech just gave up on her. With Bally going out of business and no factory tech help, she was pushed into a corner out of the way and sat there until rescued by the oldbinger. I will finish redoing the legs, front door and the wood work as time permits and update the pictures as i complete the restoration. I have included many additional pictures of the interior of this game.

For a description of the Malibu Beach see the write in the gallery.

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