" The New Golden Gate"

This Golden Gate was discovered in Myrtle Beach by John Floyd of Colunbia South Carolina. The game had never been assembled but had been out of ths box for many years. The head was stored upright in a damp area and the cabinet, minus the ball shooter, was stored on the control rail end standing upright.The head and cabinet had sustained severe deterioration of the wood for about two inches up from the concrete. John who is an avid antique car and motorcycle collector and restoration expert did a great job of replacing and repairing the damaged areas. He has elected to restore the art work on the game. I did build him a control rail, fitted in a new front door, and furnished him with the metal parts, buttons, ect. for the front of the game. He has agreed to furnish pictures of the outside restoration as he completes the work and I willl add his pictures.

Below are pictures of the inside of this rare find.

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