Made in 1977,the Miss America Deluxe was a continuation of, and the last of, the Miss America series that started with the Miss America in1957, the Miss America 75, and the Miss America Supreme with several added features. These features included the red letter game, four stars score as green five in line, and diagonal scoring on stripped lines. With its deep red cabinet trimed in yellow and black it is a georgous game. This game is in remarkable condition. I only know of one other and Bingos-R-Us has it. You will not find a nicer Miss America Deluxe than this one. AND I HAVE TO TELL YOU! I recently restored one of these for Sargent Major (RET.) Mickey Cropper in Lakeland. Fla. And he taught me to play it. I just assumed that the two card machines were not, well not magic screen "OK" games. Mickey taught me that the two card Miss America Deluxe and the Miss America Supreme were indeed worthy of more consideration. After watching him play the Miss America Deluxe for a few days I decided that I must have one in my collection.

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