Made in 1980, the Malibu Beach was the last electro/mechanical bingo made by Bally and ended the era. But "oh" what a great ending! It is said that the Malibu was made on request of the Las Vegas casinos who reneged on the deal. This could be true because in 1980 bingos were certainly outlawed by the feds as gambling machines. It is a magic screen "OK" game and a remake of the Laguna Beach with updated componets, wiring, and mylared playfield, that made it, without doubt, made it one of the most sought after games Bally ever made. It has in-line scoring and color section scoring. It has the O K feature, three/two in blue score five in green, yellow and red super sections (in these sections two will score as three, three will score as four, and four will score as five) , three in orange score as green, before fourth ball selection, yellow rollover, red rollover, before fifth ball selection, and after fifth ball selection, plus up to three extra balls. Sadly it does not have the pick-n-play feature introduced with Roller Derby and Circus Queen and carried on through the Bounty.

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