"The Magic Ring "

The Magic Ring was made in 1968. It was the follow on game to the Big Wheel. Only these two wheel games were made. Thw Big wheel gave you an opportunity to double your score and the Magic Ring gave the opportunity to double and double again. Both game used an electronic board for determining a win of the double and double double.The Magic Ring was fairly easy to beat once you learned that you could coin up more at the begining of the double and again at the beginning of the next double try by using the white button. For the double games you only got three balls and had to place two in a color section. The color section could be moved until you shot the first two balls. If you coined up enough to light the green color section which had five numbers and continued to coin up you could light the green striped section whick gave you two additioal adjacent green number giving you a total span of seven green spots in which to land two balls. One other odditie is the these games used only 6 balls. It sure made me look at the paper work.

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