Made in 1961, and the sister game to the Can Can, it was the last of the futurity games and one of the two magic screen games that were capable of lighting both supersections at the same time. A white button was added to this game for the sole purpose of lighting the supersections. The futurity section of the Lido was the same as the Bikini. These were the only two futurity games made by Bally. The futurity feature allows you to collect your OK game for future use after shooting four balls. Then you can move to another section and go for a hit there with the fifth ball. This feature is very useful if you have the "shoot before fifth ball" light. The 60's were the "Art Deco" years and the Lido fit right in with the chrome and bright paint. It is truly and example of "Art Deco". I am very pleased to add the Lido to my collection.

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