This game took two years in restoration. Every joint in the game was reglued and is truly a total restoration. This game was aqquired from Doc Morrow who is a special friend of mine and will be in my collection forever as a tribute to our friendship.

The Bounty was made in 1963 and was the last of the new designs of the OK games. It incorporated a new concept of a game within a game. This concept was the "Skill Shot". The Bounty had a white button that coined up the skill shot. For each coin played the skill shot scores advanced six games. Once coined up you pressed the skill shot select "gold" button on the control rail and the Bounty flashed the numbered hole you neded to make with the first ball. Hit that hole and the Bounty paid off up to 120 replays. Then you continued with the regular game. The bounty also had a extra OK that when lit allowed you to move the orange section of the magic screen one addition position to the right to allow easier OK scoring. And in addition it had a super OK that when lit and made, automatically gave you the "N" red letter game. Three in blue score 300, three in blue score 600, and two in blue score 600. Before 4th ball, yellow roll over, red roll over, before 5th ball, and after 5th ball. Red super section, and yellow super section. Magic screens through "G" and of course the famous OK game. Plus an EXTRA OK and a SUPER OK. Advancing odds and what more can you ask? The Bounty was not sold in the USA and is a very rare game here in the USA.


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