Notr: This game is shopped and workes perfectly. It is now being restored. Restoration pictures will be posted as work on the game progresses.

The HI-FIi was made in 1954. It was the only game with a "bump feature".It had one main 5X5 screen and two 3x3 supercard screens. The supercard screens scored 4 in a row for three in a row. The "Bump" feature allowed up to ten bumps when fully activated. Buttons on the sides simlar to flippers caused the playfielt to jump forward. If bumped when a ball hit a post it threw it back up the playfield and takes some getting used to using. The game uses a delay feature on the tilt circuit to preevent tilting during the "bump" I find this very usful if you really need to shake a ball out of the hole, just hit the bump at the same time and NO tilt. The game has two spotting numbers features. When the rollovers are lit and rolled over it spots the 2,5, and 8. So you could shoot the first ball hit the roll over and hit the ball return and have three numbers lit with 5 balls left to shoot.The second spotting numbers feature is "select a lit number". This feature can light 19, 20, 21, 22, 16, 25, and 10. Only one number at a time can be selected with a knob on the front of the game. This number has to be selected before 4th or before 5th which ever is lit. Plus you have three extra balls. Not a bad game for 1954. And I forgot to mention score extra steps.

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