The Hawaii was the first game I owned. I think it has one of the most beautiful backglasses that Bally made.It is a mystic lines game. The numbers in the two outside columns on each side can be interchanged with each other and the center line numbers can be slid up one row or down one row. There are four numbers that have stars. Balls shot into all four star numbers score 300/600 when the feature is lit. The Hawaii also has the red letter feature, change score feature (when lit allows you to double or double-double a score), the play for more features before shooting the third ball, as well as before the before the fourth ball selection feature, yellow rollover, red rollover, before the fifth, after the fifth, and up to three extra balls. These games are very rare. I shipped one to a restuarant owner in Hawaii, on the Big Island. This game has a new old stock backglass and it is perfect.

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