by Wayne Galtier the "DUKE"

Made in 1959, it was the first "OK" or "Red Letter" game. The "OK" games were, in my opinion, the most popular of all the Bally games made and "COUNTY FAIR" started the "OK" era! Bally made eleven of the Magic Screen "OK" games starting in 1959 and ending in 1980 with the Malibu Beach a remake of the Laguna Beach. Each new "OK" game included new features and the era reached it's peak in 1963 with the "King" of the "OK" games, the Bounty. The County Fair has wooden side rails and bright beautiful art work. I am very pleased to add this County Fair to my collection. It's a nice addition to my "OK" games. Sitting beside my Circus Queen, Lido, and Bounty it certainly stands proud. The restoration of this game was performed by Wayne Galtier also known as the "Duke of OK".

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