"Circus Queen"

And the "QUEEN" she is!! The Circus Queen is one of the most collectible games of the magic screen series. Made in 1960, and the sister game to the Bikini, it was the last of the wood rails and the first game to have the 3-in-blue 300, three-in-blue 600, and the 2-in blue 600 feature. The Circus Queen was also the last of the "no frills" OK games. All other following magic screen games had a "gate feature", "futurity feature", "skill shot feature", or the ability to light "both super sections" at the same time. In my opinion the Circus Queen has one of the most beautiful cabinets Bally ever made. With the white, deep red, bright yellow, and the dark blue, it is so guady that it almost takes the breath away.Of course, it has all the other features of the best of the magic screen game series. I consider myself fortunate to be able to add this Circus Queen to my collection. Enjoy the pictures and imagine "the oldbinger" sipping on a cold one, and playing this totally restored Circus Queen, serial number A2147.

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