The BONUS 7 was Bally's attempt to make the LONDON even more exiting, AND THEY DID! It's two games in one and you play them both at the same time. You have the red letter game, four in star zone score 300/600, before fourth ball, yellow rollover, red rollover, before fifth ball, after fifth ball, scores doubled/tripled, twin numbers, four color advancing scores, and extra balls. BUT THATS NOT ALL!!! Then you have the "DIAMOND GAME". Shoot the first two balls into holes with diamonds above them totaling seven you win up to 72 replays. THAT'S RIGHT 72 REPLAYS ON THE FIRST TWO BALLS! Then it starts getting exciting. Half of the ball holes have a red ring around them and the other have have a yellow ring. Shoot the 3rd ball into a red ringed hole and double your score to 144 replays. Shoot the 4th ball into a yellow ringed hole and double your score to 288 replays, and finally with your heart pounding and knees shaking, shoot the fifth ball into a red ringed hole and WIN 596 REPLAYS! This is my favorite game.

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