"The Bonanza"

The Bonanza was the rebirth and the last of the corner turners or Magic Squares. Bally introduced the Bonanza in 1976 with a forty coin limit. If you have replays on the Bonanza you can punch off forty games very quickly and when you score it sounds like a machine gun running up replays. There are four numbers in each corner circled with a lariat.Thes numbers rotate and can be positioned anywhere in the circle. The centerline can be moved up or down one position. It is not uncommon to score replays in the two to three hundred range on this game. The Bonanza also has all four corners score 100/200, before fourth ball, before fifth ball, and after fifth ball selection feature, as well as four color advancing odds. No extra balls on this game. This is my wife's favorite game. I can't sell my wife's game, she says I can go but her Bonanza stays.

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