"The Blue Chip"

The Blue Chip made in 1974 is a six card bingo game with the select-a-spot feature. One coin will light the first card and each additional coin deposited will light the next card. Six coins, six cards guaranteed. After that the select-a-spot feature is random and may light with one additional coin or several. The select-a-spot feature (when lit) allows a player to select any one center card spot as a free lit number. The game also has the before third ball and before fourth ball feature. This feature determines if you must select-a-spot before you shoot the third ball or before the fourth ball. This machine is practically new. It does have some road rash on the cabinet as you can see, but as old as these games are that is to be expected. Blue Chip was one of the last electro/mechnical six cards made by Bally.

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