"The Bikini"

The Bikini was made in 1961 and was one of the eleven OK games made by Bally. The Bikini and the Lido were the only two futurity games made. The futurity feature allowed you to save up the OK games and make one big hit instead of little ones. The Bikini had all the great features offered by Bally during the era. Three in blue for 300, three in blue for 600, and two in blue for 600. WOW!! Before 4th ball, yellow roll over, red roll over, before 5th ball, and after 5th ball. Red super section, yellow super section, and three or more in orange score as green. Magic screens through "G" and of course the famous OK game. Advancing odds and what more can you ask?

This game has new chrome side rails, a new control rail cover plate, and new playfield light towers. It is awesome! The pictures do not do it justice.

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